Book a surprise "Nice Check" home visit with Santa Claus Henry!

What might one expect from a customized home visit? After making a grand entrance and greeting the children and their parents, Santa will interact with the group by playing a fun game. Santa will then perform an animated portrayal about how he and his reindeer got caught one night delivering gifts (a first-person account of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas). Everyone knows Santa got caught, but not everyone knows why he got caught. Afterward, Ol' Santa will individually listen to the hopes and dreams of each child, and then deliver special prearranged gifts to each one if that is the client's desire. When all the children are thoroughly consumed by their gifts, Santa will say his goodbye's and quietly fade into the background leaving all with great photos and long-lasting memories!

Santa Henry's "Nice Check" visits are completely customizable if desired.

BOOK EARLY! These types of visits by Santa Henry are very popular and his schedule fills quickly...

On average, only one out of eight children are extremely concerned by Santa Henry's magical presence.

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