Pull a rabbit out of your hat this Christmas morning by setting up a SANTA TRAP on Christmas Eve. You will not be disappointed by the response you get from YOUR kids, your NEIGHBOR'S kids, the in-laws, or anyone else who sees what you caught on film!

The "Santa Trap" is a fun way to amp up the Christmas morning intrigue and provide over-the-top excitement! This client set up a trail camera Christmas Eve and caught Ol' Santa in the act from the time I came down the chimney to the time I went back up. Amazing how the infrared night vision flash captured the magic. You just can't see all that pixie dust with the naked eye. This is a very unique and fun service offering. The kids NEVER forget about how they busted Santa!

How does it work?
We pre-arrange a visit at your home when the kids aren't home. We'll stage an SLR camera in a strategic location of the room and take a series of roughly 10 photos of Santa entering the room, setting out gifts, filling stockings, eating cookies--whatever you like, then leaving the room.

With a little Christmas magic, you will receive your photos ready to share Christmas morning. You'll need a trail camera to help sell the illusion (we have them for rent if you don't have your own). I can't express in words how fun this is, or how deep a memory it creates!

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